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Tiny House Design

Floors plans and Designs for Tiny Houses, Small Homes, and Van Builds

Building Tiny

How can you get the most functions in a small space? With a Tiny House. Tiny Houses are about the smallest you can go without sacrificing the functionality of a home. Van Builds are smaller, but typically limited functionality for the bathroom, and use a 24 hour gym to compensate.

When you go tiny you need to have efficient space saving designs. That’s what I love. I’ve been making tiny house designs as a hobby for over 20 years. You need to be creative to use the space efficiently without sacrificing functionality. In a sense if you added 500 square feet to any of my designs they’d be unnecessary, though they could still be useful. These designs work for any size space, but they’re the most needed in tiny spaces.

Why Build Tiny?

The reasons to vary as much as people vary.

  • Less to clean, repair, and maintain
  • Money Avoid a 30 year home loan
    • BnB Rent it out for added income
    • Needs You don’t need a 2,500 sqft
  • Mobility Not tied to one place
  • Live Green off grid or eco friendly
    • Nature and a great view
  • Creativity / Custom Home Design your whole house!
  • More time for what you love.

What makes my designs different?

No lofts

All my tiny house designs focus on using vertical spaces, but without a cramped loft that makes your ‘bedroom’ a bed with no headroom. Plus stairs take up so much space in a design, I’d rather use that for something else.


When I add multiple functions I don’t want to sacrifice comfort. I want you to pick any bed and couch you want and I’ll make it work with my design. If you’re going to live full time in a tiny house there is no reason to sacrifice comfort!

Tiny Houses

A way to live simply,
without sacrificing functionality.


Tinnel stands for Tiny No Loft > TNL > Tinnel.

I prefer tiny houses with no lofts, focused instead on vertical design ideas that take advantage of the high ceilings to make your tiny space feel bigger. In this case the kitchen is raised above a trundle queen bed on one side, and on the other there is a raised bathroom with a hidden built in tub (uTub) which works as a shower when not transformed.


1 Bed, 1 Bath
8’x20′ 160sqft
(2.4x6m 14.8sqm)
Galley Kitchen with Refrigerator, Sink, Induction Cooktop, Convection Oven, Floor to Ceiling Cabinets
Queen Bed trundle queen bed that converts into a loveseat.
Stadium Seating including huge projector screen
In Stair Cabinets for added storage
Walk Through Closet with Washer / Dryer for convenient laundry management
Exterior Plumbing / Electrical Cabinet for easy access to plumbing and electrical, easier to add solar panels
Full Bathroom with a unique hidden in floor bathtub (uTub)

Small Homes

When tiny is too small, but you still want to live simply in a small space.


This is my favorite small house design. It incorporates many of my favorite tiny house design features as well as passive solar elements. It has a split gable roof with windows to give light to the back half of the house.

At 18’x18′ 324sqft (5.4×5.4m, 30sqm) this is more like a small cabin or apartment. It includes a combined mini office, walk in closet, laundry room. Trundle Queen or King Bed. Full sized galley kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets, and added counter space due to nearby adjustable height table. Stadium seating with projector screen that covers and blocks the light from the big front window. In stair cabinets. Full Bathroom with a unique hidden in floor bathtub (uTub).

My First Tiny House Fort

We didn’t have a big tree in our backyard when I was growing up. So we build a treehouse on stilts. Originally it was in the air over the 4 stilts, but later we added a lower room to store treasure from our adventures. We had a detachable staircase, so when we’re up in the loft we can pull up the stairs and no one can get in. We also had a lock inside the door.

Over the years I found cushioned block seats on wheels to put up there. That significantly added to the comfort of the fort.

Since this was made before the time of smartphones and internet, I mostly brought a battery powered radio, Gameboy, Lego and friends up there for entertainment. We’d also find random toys and treasures up there, like cool looking rocks, from our adventures biking through the neighborhood. We’d also run camps and neighborhood activities using the fort as a base of operations.

Eventually we used an extension cord to bring power up there and we got to play NES on dry days.

Van Builds

When you want to live tiny with more mobility.

Sprinter Van Tiny (Regular Body)

I’ve seen a lot of people use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van for their van builds so I decided to make a layout based on that frame.

I decided to forgo the bathroom in this layout, though there could be a compost toilet added for convenience. This design could be used for full time living using a 24/7 gym for your bathroom facilities. It could also be used for glamping or a mancave in your driveway.

It has a tiny galley kitchen, with the potential for uppers to be added for more storage. The kitchen has a small refrigerator or cooler, sink with water storage and a pump, and an induction cooktop. I intentionally kept the kitchen simple, for basic meals only, so if you’re traveling you can focus on dining out an enjoying local delicacies. There are upper cabinets spanning the length of the van on both sides, excluding the side door.

The bigger focus is on the entertainment and bed area. The couch pulls out to hold a queen size bed, which folds up behind when not in use. There is a footrest for your feet in front, for those who like to kick their feet up. There is a fold out desk for dining and the obligatory laptop. There is a big space on the wall for a TV, projector, or big window to take in the view. All seating and the footrest double as storage.

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