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What to Add
as a Minimalist

Minimalism isn’t just about having less, it’s about what you want more of.

How do you know what you want more of? By focusing on your top 5 priorities. If you know what’s important to you it’ll help you know what to fill your life (space, time, energy, thoughts, activities, money) with. If you’re trying to get rid of an bad habit and don’t know what to do instead, then you’ll likely to go right back to that habit when bored. Knowing your priorities will help you focus on what to Add to your life.

List of priorities
to consider

Relationships Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Relatives, Deity, Communities (online and offline)
Activities Hobbies, Sport, Running, Playing an Instrument, Knitting, Drag Racing, Ninja Training, Fishing
Freedoms Travel, Wealth, Security, Safety, Moving to another location, Independence
Learning Reading Books, TED Talks, College, Online Communities, Talents, Skills
Creating Music, Art, Photography, Building Houses, new Tech, making Games, the next Google
Entertainment Video Games, Netflix, Sports, Music, Movies, Cat Pics, Memes
Self Personal Growth, Health, Fitness, Education, More Time to Relax, Living Self Sufficiently, Finding Meaning in Life, Getting Out of Debt, Your Calling
Helping Others Teaching, Tutoring, Doctor, EMT, Social Work, Counseling, Church
Philanthropy Volunteer, Make a Community Garden, Advocate Against Sex Trafficking, Death Penalty, or Abortion

It’s important to keep a good balance between these priorities. If I play video games all day I’m not living out my other priorities.

Long term it’s better to select priorities that can stay with you for most your life. However if you pick a short term priority like getting out of debt or finishing your bachelor’s degree, those are important too.

Studies show that the happiest people make others a priority (friends, family, volunteering, giving.) They help to give life meaning and make it more than just about yourself.

It’s also wise to pick something that challenges you, life gets boring when everything is too easy.

To give you an example what this can look like here’s a list of my priorities.

Example list
of priorities

God / Love Others life, prayer, relationships
Build Relationships church, work, gaming
Be Creative floor plan design, making songs on guitar, multi-functional furniture designs, DIY
Stay Active disc golf, body weight exercises, day hiking
Continual Learning Reading books, TED Talks, Reddit, improving guitar skills
Live Simply  Minimalism, cooking meals at home, digital entertainment / nostalgia

My Top 6 priorities are broader categories. However, I have specific outlets of how I live them out. That way it’s an easier to track if I’m living out my priorities. It also makes it so you don’t feel stuck. You may always have Creativity as a main priority, but how you use it may change over time. Writing down outlets for each priority is very useful. You can even take it one step further, like I do, and write down which possessions you have to enhance each priority and outlet.

Minimalism isn’t just about possessions, it can be applied to all aspects of life. You may want a better job, stronger friendships, more free time, these are all good things to add to your life. However, you may have to make room for them.

Once you know what you want to fill your life with we can discard anything that doesn’t enhance those priorities!

What to Discard


Figure out your top 5 priorities and fill more of your time with them.
You’ll automatically be spending less time on things that aren’t important.