Adding Minimalism

This is about Minimalism, tips and tricks, suggestions, and how Adding Minimalism can improve your life!

I’ve been a minimalist for ~9 years. Life is good
I focus on a minimalist lifestyle or frugal simple living

Minimalism has two focuses, what to Discard and what to Add to your life.

Most people focus first on getting rid of stuff. If you have less stuff then you’re a minimalist, right? Possibly, but are you happy? Another part is knowing what to Add to your life. If you know what you want to Add, or fill your life with, it makes it easier to know what to get rid of. Let’s start with What to Add.

What’s important to you? What are your top 5 priorities? That’s what you want to fill you life with. Knowing what you want in your life it makes it easier to know what you don’t.

There are a ton of methods to declutter. I’ll share what worked for me and link others. In short, I got rid of the biggest and easiest things first. This motivates you to keep discarding as you see progress and don’t miss what’s gone.

More than just Possessions

Consider applying minimalism to more than just possessions. Once you know what’s important you’ll want to spend your time, energy, money, and space on those things. If your job, friends, time, money and thoughts aren’t enhancing your priorities then you may want to change them.

What do I do about _______?

Outside of the basics there are harder things to get rid of. The topics below go into more detail.
Work In Progress – I’ll eventually add the topics below and maybe more…


Simple Living How do I live more simply?
Hobbies Are there minimalist hobbies? How much should I keep?
Moving How do I prepare to move to a smaller place? What do I keep when moving?
Travel How minimalism makes it easier to travel.


Digital Media What should I digitize?
Wardrobe How do I make a minimal wardrobe?
Quality or Quantity Should I spend more on quality items?
Books What do I do with books?
Gifts How do I avoid unwanted gifts on holidays and birthdays?
Tech What do I do with all this technology?


Nostalgia What should I do with Sentimental items?
Benefits What are the benefits of Minimalism?
Regret Do you miss anything you got rid of?