Live Minimal

I’m Wayne and I live minimal. 

What does that mean?

I live simply, frugally, only adding what enhances my life, and cutting out the clutter.

For me minimalism is a lifestyle. It’s not a set of rules to follow or a number of items to own. The way I apply minimalism can only enhance someone’s life. Find out more in Adding Minimalism.

I love creating. I love it. What I’ve found is that the smaller the space, the more creative you need to be to design it well. I’ve made floor plan designs for fun since middle school. Some of them where huge houses, but the more I made, the smaller they got, but I didn’t sacrifice functionality. How many functions can I cram in the smallest form? Enter tiny houses! Check out some of my Tiny House Designs, small houses and van builds.

However, as my tiny house designs evolved I realized I needed to get even more creative with individual elements of the design, such as using height more efficiently, or having items with multiple functions. That’s where Multifunctional Furniture came in. I wanted an area with a couch, bed, desk, closet, and stadium seating, all in one space. I liked the idea so much I used my basement to make working prototypes! At first I called it transforming furniture, but later realized some designs can have multiple functions without transforming. Plus not everyone wants to have to transform (aka move stuff) every time they want to lay down on their bed; so some of my designs are static, but still have many functions.

Tiny House Design

Multifunctional Furniture

Adding Minimalism

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